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The Brick City Training Team

Danny Serratelli
Samad Haq -- Sergio Ortiz
Jose Rosario -- Alex "the Brick City Bullet" Perez
Ross Enamait -- Darren "Checkmate" Maciunski
Brad Marchetti -- Dr. Randy Borum
Ricky Ray Taylor

Personal Boxing Training in and around New York City and Northern New Jersey...

Lose Weight, Tone Your Body and Have Fun Getting in Amazing Shape with Your Very Own Personal Trainer and/or Boxing Trainer!

We provide full scale personal training to help you attain all of your fitness needs and meet your goals; however we specialize in boxing training. If you are going to put in the time to get and stay fit, you might as well have fun and learn something while you're at it.

Boxing provides you with a full body workout that is guaranteed to get your heart pumping and those calories burning. Unlike typical cardio workouts such as running on a treadmill, you'll find yourself looking forward to your boxing workout!

Boxing is a high intensity, full body workout that will help you:

And best of all, anyone can do it!

Your training will be specifically tailored to your fitness level and ability. Whether you're an athlete looking to get in the ring competitively, a professional model who needs to stay in awesome shape, or if you are overweight and out of shape and just looking for a fun, exciting workout, a personalized session will be created especially for you.

For Fitness

You might think that boxing is all about the arms, but it is actually a cardio work-out for the whole body. You can expect to see weight loss, increased agility and coordination, muscle tone and greater fitness from boxing.

Ladies, it's especially good for toning your bottom and quadriceps muscles, which is perfect if you're trying to lose weight around your bottom and thighs as part of an overall reduction program.

And don't worry about bulking up, either. Because boxing is a high repetition workout, you'll see tone rather than muscle.

As an added bonus, boxing is very empowering and you'll really get pumped up and into it during the moves. In addition to a great workout, you will also be learning the sweet science. In addition to a great workout, you will also learn proper technique and will walk away more confident in your ability to defend yourself.

For Real

If you're thinking about boxing competitively or your career needs a jumpstart, Brick City Training can help get you going!

You'll learn the skills you need inside the ring to succeed. And when you're ready, Brickcity Training has the contacts to get you the fights you'll need to reach your goals.

We have been all involved in boxing for over 15 years: in the gyms, covering fights, promoting events and studying the sport. Our unique background gives us the ability to help your career both in and out of the ring.

Boxing isn't an easy way to go, but if it's the road you want to travel, we will help you get there! If not, we can still tailor a program to fit your needs.

How it works and what we have to offer:

Before the first session, we'll discuss your fitness level and goals. Then we'll create a training plan for you.

During the sessions you may get to hit the heavy bag, speed bag, double end bag, jump rope, and even get in the ring with an instructor to work the pads. We emphasize pad work to build both cardiovascular endurance and proper technique.

We will design weight training programs, running programs, cross training programs, etcdepending on your goals, problems, and present condition of physical fitnessor lack there of. We will tailor a workout plan to fit anyone's needs and help them achieve their goals. We have consultants working with us who train for general conditioning, boxing, MMA, and a sports psychologist, so we will always find ways to motivate you and keep your workouts fresh and exciting.

We also have an extensive library of fights that date back up to almost 100 years, so if you are serious about studying the style of certain fighters we can also assist you with that.

How to get started:

Simply EMAIL US or give us a call at 973-931-8812 to set up an appointment. We can come to your home or office, work at one of our affiliate gyms or come to your gym.

Private sessions cost $100 per hour. A group of five lessons costs $400... Only $80 per session! If you want to book over 5 sessions, contact us and we will provide you with discounted pricing.

If you have a group of friends who would like to train together, add only an additional $35 dollars per partner. Discounts are available for clients booking multiple sessions.

What are you waiting for?

You can get yourself in the greatest shape of your life and have fun doing it! With a member of the Brick City staff serving as your private boxing trainer, you'll reach your fitness goals and learn how to box in the process!

Call us at 973-931-8812 to schedule your first session.